Welcome to Outdoors and Old Ways.

Newsletters all about the great outdoors here in the beautiful countryside of the Welsh Marches. Musings from the garden as the year turns and we develop our wildlife area plus updates of our gardening experiences. A dose of history relating to the old ways will also be a feature here along with folklore and tradition notes. Sometimes I’ll go ‘off-topic’ and let you know about a gig or festival we’ve been to as well…our journey is your journey!

I also write ‘The Reading Room’ where I talk about my favourite books and what I am currently reading.

I am outdoorsygem on Instagram and @outdoorsygem on Twitter.

Linktr.ee/gem_reeceholloway will guide you to my other things including my Etsy shop The Hollow Way and more.

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The great outdoors, gardening, folklore and more. Plus 'The Reading Room' where I write about books.


Gem Reece-Holloway

Outdoorsy, artist, nature and history lover, married to a musician so live music gigs and festivals are a big part of our life. UK based, I am also a herbalist and use my qualification for research and writing in the field of herbology.